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Having problems indexing your backlinks into google?

If you need to get your backlinks indexed into google's search engine, face it, it's a tough task these days. Many google indexing tools boast they can index your backlinks, but in reality they don't. You pay for their service, and even in 7 days, you see no results..

How about pinging your links on free link indexer websites?

Free backlink submission is just not even worth looking at any more. Pinging sites don't work either, as google closed the pinging servers, apart from sitemaps.

Where is the google submit url function?

Google does not want you to index your backlinks on purpose, so they took away the url submission function. They want to discover them naturally, that sometimes means never. If you're happy to wait 1 month or so and then check to see if you're backlinks are indexed, then by all means, wait for google to discover them.

Have you tried paid indexing services and failed?

Professional backlink indexing services used to work, but if they have not kept up with the changes, they are now out of business, as they don't work either. So what do we do now?

What's the Indexing rates like?

Indexing rates have also dropped since google made the changes. If you use an automated backlink builder tool such as GSA SER, RankerX, SEO Autopilot just to name a few, then no doubt you have found it harder to index these links. Have you thought why?

Url submission to Google with spam links?

These tools build spam links, ie low quality links which in googles eyes are worthless. Why should google index spam links which dont have any value? It's a reasonable thing if you understand google.

So lets tell the truth. If you want to index these types of backlinks, then you should expect a lower indexing rate. Afterall, you expect google to index your money site homepage, but then again, you put a lot of effort into producing that page, making sure that the content is unique etc.

Auto built backlinks consist of pre spun content which has probably been downloaded from the internet, maybe from Article Ezine directories, turned into spintax, then loaded into maybe GSA SER (Bad spinner) or Rankerx etc, and then the backlink is made. Utter rubbish as a backlink goes, but never the less, its a backlink which needs to be indexed in google to make your money site rank.

March 2018, our backlink submitter could index close to 70% of these types of links, now its down to 30% if you are lucky. Still they do index. What this results in is more spam being produced on the internet, as more backlinks need to be built to achieve they same indexing rate.

So what do we offer, indexing rates of around 40% within 12 hours?

We have improved our google indexer service. Index rates usually are around 40% within 12 hours. We found a way to encourage the google-bot to visit your links, so if you send them for indexing in the evening, you can normally have results in the morning.

It's a simple service but it works. Prices are similar to other website indexer tools, but at least our service works.

Testing this service with our backlink indexer!!

We offer a free 20 link trial. IT'S FOR TESTING ONLY!, so please test properly.

How to test the indexer?

When testing this service, do yourself a favor and test it probably. Do not put just 1 link through it.

Get 20 links from different domains, and submit them for indexing all at the same time.

Do not test with 1 or 2 links, or 20 links from the same domain, and then complain it does not work.

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We also provide a link indexing checker service as well. Check to see if your backlinks are indexed in google. We can check 1 or 100000 links.

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